Gary Daley – piano and piano accordion and samples
Paul Cutlan – alto saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet
Veronique Serret – violin
Ollie Miller – cello
James Daley – mandolin, zhongruan and vocals
Jess Green – electric and acoustic guitar and vocals
Bruce Reid – lap steel and National steel guitars
Brett Hirst – double bass
Tunji Beier – percussion

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Available in stereo as 96kHz/24, 192kHz/24, DSD64 and in 5.0 as 96kHz/24 and DSD64 downloads

Sanctuary – a meditation on memory, identity, family and the power of regeneration

Sanctuary was recorded for surround in the beautifully atmospheric Cerretti Chapel in Manly, Sydney and is the pinnacle of Mir’s philosophy so far. The album is now available for download in high resolution, 5.0 surround and stereo versions.

Gary explains that, “at its core it is a reflection on my experience of caring for my mother who suffered with Alzheimer’s disease. I witnessed a lifetime of memories slowly disappear from her world. It is a brutal and relentless disease for the sufferer and distressing to witness for those closest to them. My family and I sought to create a world for our mother which brought her comfort and safety. In short a sanctuary. 

During my mother’s journey my first grandchild was born. This was a profound and overwhelming experience. One of intense joy which filled me with hope and expectation for the future. Two of life’s extremes were occurring simultaneously and both were at the centre of my life. I also found myself reflecting on many other familial connections and memories from my childhood. These are the experiences which inform the music of Sanctuary”. Gary Daley – 24 February, 2015

Read about the release and collaboration between Mir and Gary here.

CD’s and mp3 downloads are currently available through Gary’s site and from Birdland Records, Sydney.


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Greening cover for Releases

James Greening – trombone, sousaphone and pocket trumpet
Andrew Robson – alto and baritone saxophone
Paul Cutlan – tenor saxophone and clarinet
Fabian Hevia – percussion
Gary Daley – accordion and piano
Hamish Stuart – funky drums
Brett Hirst – acoustic and electric bass

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Available in hi-res 96khz/24.

James Greening has composed an evocative suite of music inspired by the pristine beauty of Tasmania. The coastal community on Bass Strait, Tam O’Shanter, provided the ideal environment to compose a diverse suite aspiring to capture the hopes, fears and uncertainties uniquely expressed and yet shared by all. Tam O’Shanter Tales is a journey into the haunting beauty of human struggle. At a point of deadlock James found inspiration in reading The Kite Runner. He later learned of the settlement of Hazaran refugees in Tasmania, triggering him to set the kinetic rhythmic groove of Hazara as the centerpiece of the album. Closing the suite, Early Morning is about hope. That is, from the darkest night, a new dawn emerges. It is dedicated to the mentors and elders of the Australian music scene John Pochee, Mike Nock, Judy Bailey, Sandy Evans, Miroslav Bukovsky, Allan Brown to name a substantial few and the late Jackie Orszaczky, Bernie McGann, Dave Addes and Kim Sanders who have left behind them a spirited legacy of live music performance.

James Greening is one of the most in demand brass players in Australia. His quartet, The World According to James perform at Jazz Festivals and gigs around the country and overseas. They are part of the Musica Viva in Schools program, as well as the Musica Viva country touring program. They have three critically acclaimed CDs under their belt – No Job Too Small, Wayback and Lingua Franca. 2012 marked the 20th anniversary of The World According to James and the launch of a new seven piece ensemble, Greening from Ear to Ear.

Jame’s latest album is recorded, mixed and mastered by Ross A’Hern in 24/96 stereo sound. And is distributed online by Mir Creation.

Produced by James Greening www.jamesgreening.net

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Julian Gough – tenor saxophone
Brendan St Ledger – piano
Brendan Clarke – double bass
Hamish Stuart – drums
Ben Gurton – trombone, guitar, electronics

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Available on CD as well as 96kHz/24, 192kHz/24, 352.8kHz/24(DXD), DSD64 and DSD128 downloads.

*NEW: Now available in hi-res (24/96 and DSD64) surround.

CD’s available from Birdland Records, Sydney.

This debut album for Ben Gurton is also the first release for Mir and a demonstration of our commitment to both high resolution recording and surround as standard approaches which enable the capture and delivery of music with a level of realism, subtlety vibrance and spatial dimension not possible until now.

Prelude To A Scene is recorded by some of the most well known and experienced jazz and session musicians in Sydney, Australia. It is led by trombonist and composer Ben Gurton, who has worked behind artists such as The Cinematic Orchestra, Sufjan Stevens, Florence And The Machine and Maria Schneider. This is his first release in a jazz idiom and he has enlisted the help of some of the most influential and admired musicians in Australia; Hamish Stuart on drums, Brendan Clarke on bass, Brendan St Ledger on piano and Julian Gough on saxophone.

The music is inspired by cool jazz, film music and instrumental music from Europe, and is an evocative journey through both composition and improvisation.

The recording technique and technology used perfectly captures the sound of the musicians in one of the most famous recording rooms in Australia; room 1 (270 sq/m), Studio 301. Each piece of music is a live take with all musicians performing together around a main stereo pair of microphones. Spot microphones were placed on each instrument and carefully blended with the main stereo pair to provide an appropriate amount of focus.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition 352kHz/24bit) it is the first album produced in Australia at this resolution. Mastered and converted to the various resolutions by Grammy nominated Morten Lindberg of 2L Records in Norway, the technology of the recording perfectly captures the sound and detail of the music played live in the large, rich space to create a ‘you are there’ experience.