Mir (meer) Creation is a collaboration of leading practitioners in audio and online distribution.

At Mir we are united in our passion to explore whole new worlds of experience, rendered in exceptional detail and precision made possible by the latest technology, and using it to document some of the wonderful music around us.

Combining the work of original and inspiring musicians, evocative locations, and ultra high definition surround sound recording, Mir delivers recordings that recreate performances with a level of spatial definition and immersion that is simply not possible with standard stereo studio or live recordings.

If standard resolution reproduction is all that you know, to hear ultra hi-res recording in surround is to hear music reproduced like never before. It transports us with breathtaking clarity to the very centre of the music and  the recording space at the time of its creation.

Consumer playback is possible today using BluRay discs and home theatre systems, and increasingly by means of downloaded files in a variety of resolutions which can be played out through external DACs (digital to analogue converters) or media servers.

Mir Creation is both a production team and a distribution label. It works in partnership with artists from pre-production to final delivery.

Mir uses some of the best microphones available and Pyramix systems recording at high resolution up to DXD (‘Digital Extreme Definition’, which at 352.8kHz is 8 x the sample rate of CD) to capture performances with a vibrance and delicacy of soundscape that has simply not been possible until now. An added benefit of starting with such high resolution recordings, is that even standard resolution releases such as CD made from them, sound better than if the original recording had been made at standard resolution, because much of the captured detail is preserved until the final reduction stage.

How Mir Works

Ross A’Hern

Decades of experience in live engineering, studio recording, mixing and classical broadcast give him a valuable breadth of understanding for capturing improvised and live performances. He has recorded an unparalleled discography of works by some of the most musically adventurous and influential artists and groups in Australian music.

For more information visit www.thechapelofsound.com.au

Nick A’Hern

Nick is an accomplished musician and is responsible for a wide range of video productions including documentaries, short films, commercials and lifestyle television. Nick brings an invaluable breadth of experience, mastery of video forms and understanding of performance to high resolution video capture and editing.

For more information visit www.jahmedia.com.au

Ben Gurton

A professional musician at the highest levels, Ben has studied music in Australia, Canada and America and has a Masters degree in Composition and Production. He has composed music for theatre, film and dance and wrote, produced and performed in the first ultra high-resolution album to be created in Australia.

For more information visit www.bengurton.com 

Dr Jack Metcalfe

Jack’s background in psychoacoustics and building acoustics is complemented by decades of experience in the performing arts, music engineering and production. He has designed critical acoustic spaces for some of the industry’s largest organisations and is a specialist in “point of view” video using miniature high-resolution cameras.